Meet MoveRoll at Zellcheming 2017

From 4 – 6 July 2017, Zellcheming exhibition takes place in Frankfurt. You can find MoveRoll in hall 4.1 at booth G15.
We will present innovative and patented roll handling equipment, such as MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor, MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver, and MoveRoll Braking Pad. Our special focus for ZELLCHEMING-Expo is to highlight how our products cost-efficiently help to improve safety in situations where paper rolls need to be transported, slowed down, received, and stopped.

At ZELLCHEMING 2017, we will showcase in live demonstrations how MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor works. The conveyor has a pre-manufactured modular design with a height of only 40 mm. It is equipped with standard pressure elements which control air pressure and thus generate the rolling motion of paper rolls. This unique technology enables smooth, safe, and controlled paper roll handling.

At ZELLCHEMING 2017, MoveRoll will also display a Zero Energy Receiver (only the cushions, without the steel frame) and a Braking Pad. These products are used to reduce the roll speed, respectively to stop and guide them gently onto slat, chain, or belt conveyors. Neither Zero Energy Receiver nor Braking Pad need any energy sources. Zero Energy Receivers cushion rolls gently and reduce their energy averagely by more than 75 %. The soft cushions decrease paper roll damages, reduce roll bouncing, and increase operator safety. The Braking Pad is based on the same basic as the Zero Energy Receiver. The combination of soft material, air exhaustion, and absorption of kinetic energy. The Braking Pad is portable and can e.g. be placed on floor surfaces to lower roll speed, for example on winder decks.

We look forward to meeting you at booth G15!



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