How to Increase Operator Safety on the Winder Deck?

MoveRoll offers a range of solutions to increase operator safety on the winder deck. Two examples are MoveRoll Winder Deck and MoveRoll Braking Pad.

The Winder Deck consists of horizontal pressure conveyors, that have been especially modified for the winder deck application, and of a Zero Energy Receiver in the same width as the installed conveyor modules. After ejection from the winder, pressure elements guarantee the controlled transport of the rolling paper rolls. That way, unexpected changes in rolling direction are avoided and the roll speed can be controlled. The Zero Energy Receiver cushions the rolls, reduces their kinetic energy, and stops them gently into the next conveying device. The concrete length and width of this winder deck solution always depends on winder width and the paper mills specific needs. Adjustments can for example be made, so that several roll stop stations and roll stop sections can be incorporated and that rolls can be sorted. The winder deck solution can be fully fenced, so that operator access during operation is excluded. In addition, the system is equipped with sensors that stop the rolls automatically on the conveyor if a fence door is opened during operation. Should operators have a need to enter the winder deck e.g. for labelling work, the winder deck conveyors transport the rolls to a safe processing area which increases safety and reduces ergonomic hazards. In 2015, Advanced Dynamics in cooperation with MoveRoll installed the first large scale winder deck application in a paper mill located in Southern USA. Mid-2016, another MoveRoll Winder Deck will be installed to a paper mill in Mid Southern USA.

MoveRoll Braking Pad - An easy solution to improve safety

For diverse reasons, not all paper mills have the possibility to change the whole winder deck area. However, also in these cases, there are ways to increase operator safety and to reduce material damage. One of them is MoveRoll's patented Braking Pad, which reduces roll speed or can – in low speed applications – even stop rolls completely.

The Braking Pad is based on the same basic principle as the Zero Energy Receiver. Depending on the length, the portable Braking Pad consists of a certain amount of cushions. The Pad can easily be placed on the flat flooring of old winder decks, e.g. on winder decks with separation stoppers before and after separation stations. On passing over it, the speed of paper rolls decreases up to 0,5 m/s. The braking occurs through trapped pressure. Since winder decks are high speed applications, it is recommended to use two lines of Braking Pads, located in a certain distance from each other. That way, roll speed and roll bouncing can be reduced most efficiently.

”The Braking Pad is one of the most innovative products, that we have developed so far. You just place it on the deck, and it will reduce the roll speed and increase operator safety”, comments Mikko Rantanen, MoveRoll's CEO.

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