Increased Demand for MoveRoll Roll Handling Equipment

In the current year, 2017, we saw an increased demand for our innovative paper roll handling products. Besides orders for MoveRoll Conveyors, Zero Energy Receivers, and Braking Pads from our North American partners, we also received more orders from stakeholders in the European paper industry than ever before. Deliveries of Zero Energy Receivers and Braking Pads have for example been made to paper mills in Finland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain. Larger scale deliveries have been made to a paper mill in late spring to a paper mill in France and in late summer to a paper mill in Sweden.

The project at DS Smith in France was our first project with system integrator Minda from Germany. The mill that produces recycled paper for corrugated board needed an automated conveying solution, because it had acquired a new winding machine. Minda and MoveRoll developed a solution where the different components complemented each other beautifully. The solution that Minda installed in the mill included MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor, MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver, MoveRoll Kicker and Minda’s plastic chain conveyor. Common features of these products are for instance gentle roll transport and a very low need for maintenance.

The project at the paper mill in Sweden was a collaboration with system integrator for Saimatec from Finland. This project also meant the first installation of a MoveRoll Winder Deck in Europe. The proven solution improves work safety on winder decks significantly, because paper rolls do not roll freely but are transported in a controlled manner. Furthermore, paper rolls do not bounce back and forth heavily, which increases occupational safety on the one hand and preserves the quality of the rolls on the other hand.

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