Mikko Rantanen’s Review of 2016

2016 has once again been a year of success and increasing business for MoveRoll. Several MoveRoll conveyors, Zero Energy Receivers and Braking Pads have been installed and assembled in various mills, located e. g. in Finland, USA, Chile, South Africa, and Germany. Worth mentioning is also the successful start-up of the second Winder Deck in October. 2016 has also been the year, when we started to increase our focus on the European markets; we are delighted to say that we have found goods partners to cooperate with us. In 2016, we have also made the first successful steps to introduce our latest product, MoveRoll Braking Pad, as an innovative problem solver.

Even we were surprised how fast the industry has accepted this new product. For example, mills in Germany, Finland and Austria are already using the pad to lower roll speed and reduce roll bouncing significantly. In the last quarter of the year, we have received several new orders for2017.

The new year promises to become interesting for us, working together with our good clients and partners around the world. Right now, we have already received major projects to Sweden, Brazil, China, France and USA. All these pre-agreed projects will keep us busy and motivated next year. We also hope to launch some new innovative products in the second half of 2017. Looking at our partners’ order books, it is very nice to see business going well and good old days returning, at least temporarily, to the business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for the co-operation and positive attitude while developing new innovative roll handling to the mills. Also, special thanks to our staff, who once again has reached the targets by hard working attitude.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Successful year 2017. Hope to see you soon!

Mikko Rantanen

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