MoveRoll Braking Pad - Our Newest Product

Innovation in paper roll handling is MoveRoll's core business. Thanks to cooperation with Nordic paper mills, we have  successfully developed products, such as MoveRoll Conveyor, MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver, and MoveRoll Kicker, that make roll handling easier than ever before.

The latest MoveRoll product is called Braking Pad.  Whether after the winder or on other rolling decks, before and behind conveyors – MoveRoll Braking Pad can slow down the speed of rolls or stop them completely. Alternatively, the Braking Pad can reduce the settling time of rolls and decrease roll movement such as seesawing or swaying. MoveRoll Braking Pad consists of thin cushions that guarantee gentle handling and do not leave marks on the rolls. Its light-weight and smart design make the installation very easy: Operators can put the Braking Pad to the desired location – e.g. before or behind the conveyor – and the Braking Pad stays in place without that fixation or attachment are needed.

The braking occurs when paper rolls roll onto the Braking Pad:  The soft material exhausts air when the roll weight squeezes the cushions which causes the rolls to slow down. Stopping of rolls can be achieved by the front pad causing counter pressure.  Major benefits that can be gained by using MoveRoll Braking Pad are, for example, increased safety on rolling decks, efficient yet gentle braking power, reduction of undesired roll movement, and easy and fast installation.

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