MoveRoll to Strengthen Operations in North America

We are pleased to announce new changes to increase our service to our valuable North American customers.

Effective January 1st 2018, MoveRoll will enhance their presence in the North America market by collaborating with a new direct sales representation.

Earlier this year, RTS Alliance had been acquired by Runtech Systems Oy, which has is changing their business model to establish a North American organization designed to support their product and services of their own products. Runtech Systems Inc. (formerly RTS Alliance) will work to support MoveRoll in their new sales approach. For a certain period of time, Runtech Systems will continue to distribute MoveRoll products to their direct Pulp & Paper mill customers. This will ensure our North American customers will receive excellent support in distribution during the transition period.

MoveRoll appreciates the continued support of the team around Randy Southin, as we move into our new approach to serve the North American market. “Over the last years, the USA has become one of our strongest and fastest-growing markets thanks to our many customers. The cooperation with Runtech Systems supports our goals to grow a stronger presence in the USA, to have direct sales in the future, and to start manufacturing MoveRoll products for the North American market locally in the future.”, states MoveRoll’s CEO Mikko Rantanen.

MoveRoll’s targets for the USA for 2018 is summarized as follows:

  • Develop a direct sales force to reach our customers in the same time zone.
  • Increase our inventory levels to ensure to have readily available products for quick delivery.
  • Reduce delivery costs by shipping higher stock levels in each shipment.
  • Investigate manufacturing opportunities in the USA

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