Winder Deck Start-Up Successfully Completed

In May 2015, MoveRoll Oy has successfully completed a new winder deck startup in a Southern USA paper mill. This installation was made by our North American System Integrator partner Advanced Dynamics.

The full system consists of 20 modified MoveRoll horizontal conveyor modules with a total width of 7,5 meters and conveying length of 10 meters. In addition a MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver in the same width as the conveyors was installed to ensure the gentle stopping of paper rolls onto the next conveyer. This project is MoveRoll´s first large scale winder deck application with three roll buffering places.

The MoveRoll Winder Deck Conveyors were installed in the course of paper mill´s modernization the roll handling system. Instead of a concrete floor with traditional roll stops, the paper mill has now an automated safe roll handling system. With the completion of the installation, the paper mill has not only significantly increased operational safety significantly, but it also improved the efficiency  of the roll handling process. Moreover, the system offers the possibility to store more rolls on the winder deck and eliminates the need of an operator on that specific area. This leads to lower operational cost and fulfills the new safety standards of the paper mill.

If you are interested to see the winder deck  receiving and conveying the paper rolls click here for the video.


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