Working Together with Partners Is a Recipe for Success

Working together with international partners, such as system integrators and sales partners, is an integral part of MoveRoll's company strategy. Collaboration with our sales partners, for example RTS Alliance in North America, enables to optimise our local customer support and sales services. In addition, partnerships with internationally trusted system integrators are important for us, because they enable the integration of MoveRoll products in roll handling and wrapping system upgrades – no matter the scale of the projects.

We are working together with a number of system integrator partners. One of them is Globe Machine Manufacturing Company (GLOBE) from Tacomah in Washington, USA. In the next paragraphs we will take a look at two GLOBE-MoveRoll projects to illustrate how beneficial it can be for paper mills, when system integrators and roll handling equipment suppliers are working together in roll handling projects.

The first Globe-MoveRoll installation

GLOBE, has approximately hundred years of history in a variety of industries. In Pulp and Paper GLOBE's expertise focuses on end of line automation in roll handling and wrapping systems for all the major grades in paper and tissue. The first GLOBE-MoveRoll installation in North America has been made in 2012.

Due to a product mix change,  a major publications and communications paper manufacturer in the Southeast USA was forced to install a new system for a sheeter sized roll, that none of the existing roll Handling and Wrapping system could handle. The mill needed a new system specifically for handling these large rolls, and GLOBE won the order. The GLOBE System was integrated with a large quantity of MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors. “In the case of our very first GLOBE-MoveRoll installation the use of the horizontal conveyors enabled GLOBE to conceive a creative layout where the proposed system fit the existing building. GLOBEs’ unique layout won the order by adding major value to the sale for the customer. Not having to expand the existing building saved the customer $2MM in reconstruction costs”, comments Paul Dalietos, Product Manager – Pulp Paper at GLOBE.







 The latest GLOBE-MoveRoll project

Recently, GLOBE won an order for a roll handling system to a major publications and communications paper manufacturer in the Southeast USA. Faced with dwindling demand for publication grades, the mill had decided to convert much of their operation to Fluff Pulp with a two year plan to completely exit the Publications Grade market. Due to the conversion, the mill had a temporary and cost effective need to transport rolls from three existing winders to one existing central wrap line.

The roll handling system consisted of two MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors, one MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver, as well as GLOBE Pneumatic Bumper, GLOBE Short Pitch Slat conveyors and Pneumatic Kicker, as well as a stand-alone GLOBE PLC system. Due to the mill's need being temporary, one third of the equipment, including one MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor and the Zero Energy Receiver will only run for six months, while the remainder of the equipment will run for another 18 months.

“GLOBE’s innovative products integrated with MoveRoll’s cost effective Horizontal Conveyors resulted in another win for both parties and the Customer”, comments Paul Dalietos. MoveRoll's CEO Mikko Rantanen adds, “The project is a good example for the modular design benefits. The units can be reused in another position or when they are standard modules. Already in the past, Globe has shown good roll handling knowledge with their innovative layouts which became working solutions after the installation. This gives us trust that we will see more working solutions in future.”

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