Minimal Installation Costs

MoveRoll products reduce the total cost of ownership through minimal installation costs. It is possible to mount all MoveRoll products directly on the factory floor, because there are no requirements for pits below them. The modular built of MoveRoll Conveyors makes installation processes easy and fast. Similarly, it is very easy to install MoveRoll Zero Energy Receivers and MoveRoll Braking Pads. Usually, a mill’s engineering or maintenance team can perform these operations. Accordingly, a mill’s total cost of ownership are reduced through minimal costs for installation work.


ramp conveyor

Gentle Roll Handling

MoveRoll products reduce total cost of ownership through gentle roll handling. No matter what kind of paper a paper mill produces, all paper or board rolls are sensitive to damage; and damaged rolls mean expensive loss. This loss is, for instance, caused by slower handling processes of damaged paper and board rolls or by the complete rejection of damaged rolls. The smooth and controlled roll transport on MoveRoll Conveyors; the gentle roll catching of rolls and the absorption of kinetic energy by MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver; the smart reduction of roll speed by MoveRoll Braking Pads; and the innovative and economic kicking and receiving of rolls by MoveRoll Kicker/Receiver minimize damages to paper and board rolls significantly. Thus, expensive paper loss can easily be avoided and the total cost of ownership is reduced through gentle roll handling.



Minimal Maintenance Costs

MoveRoll products reduce the total cost of ownership through minimal maintenance costs. By default, all MoveRoll products have very low maintenance requirements. Since our conveyors do not have moving parts, maintaining them usually means replacing pressure elements after a certain cycle is reached. Paper mill staff can easily perform these operations without significant interruptions of the production process. Furthermore, it is possible to execute all maintenance operations on MoveRoll products from the top; hence also the maintenance time is reduced. Thus, minimal maintenance requirements help to lower the total cost of ownership.   



Minimal - or even Zero - Energy Consumption

MoveRoll products reduce the total cost of ownership through minimal energy consumption. Compared to traditional pneumatic and mechanical systems, MoveRoll Conveyors reduce the energy consumption up to 80 %. Depending on the application MoveRoll Kicker reduces the energy consumption up to 75 % in comparison to traditional equipment. In addition, neither our Zero Energy Receiver nor our Braking Pad need any energy sources. MoveRoll is simply the smartest choice, when it comes to reducing total costs of owning roll handling equipment.  



Increased Production Efficiency

MoveRoll products reduce the total cost of ownership through an increase in production efficiency. We designed our roll handling equipment to meet the changed demands of modern material handling. Gentle roll conveying without moving parts reduces the risk of paper rolls incurring damage during the transport process. Flexible absorption of kinetic roll energy and smart reduction of roll speed minimize roll bouncing and paper loss. Hence bottlenecks in production are eliminated. Finally, installation and maintenance of all MoveRoll products are fast and easy. That way, there are no unnecessarily long interruptions of production processes and increased production efficiency makes roll handling more cost-effective.