MoveRoll – A Reliable Project Partner

We are a reliable project partner, stick to our promises, and know our own limitations. Rather than promising that MoveRoll roll handling equipment would work in an application that has never been tested before, we usually happily agree to tests in new environments or with a new paper quality. We often receive inquiries whether MoveRoll conveyors can handle very soft paper such as tissue; instead of making false promises, we answer straight away that our conveyors unfortunately cannot transport tissue rolls. The reason for this is that the rolls are too soft and not dense enough for our patented roll transport technology to work.

Being a reliable project partner also means being able to keep promised delivery times. That is why we always strive to estimate the most realistic delivery time possible. Sometimes it is better to calculate some days as buffer time, than to promise something that sounds good on paper but cannot be realized in the end.



Reliability of MoveRoll Roll Handling Equipment

Product reliability means to supply our customers with products of constantly high quality and with little need maintenance over the course of time. Each and every product leaves our facilities tested for possible failures and malfunctions. That way we can assure the highest product reliability possible. To keep track of the performance of our products in paper mills, we always have open ears for the feedback of our System Integrator Partners and end customers in mills. We appreciate negative feedback as much as positive feedback, since it gives us the chance to make our products even better and more reliable – simply by two-way communication with our System Integrator Partners and our end customers.


Spare Part Availability

There will come a time when wear parts of MoveRoll roll handling equipment may have to be replaced. We are aware of this process and have a list of spare parts, that we will gladly provide our customers with. We always have these spare parts in stock. Furthermore, we strive to keep them available as long as they are in production of our suppliers, and if possible also beyond this time