MoveRoll Conveyor and Safety

Ramps in the finishing area pose a risk to operator safety when rolls travel on them. Usually, the rolls gain speed and bounce back and forth heavily when they hit against steel stops. Consequently, paper mill staff working near or on these ramps are at risk of getting hit by paper rolls or getting crushed between them.

With MoveRoll Conveyor, however, ramps become superfluous. Paper mills can install the conveyor modules directly on the level factory floor. The pressure elements of the conveyor modules transport paper rolls smoothly and at always controlled speed. Furthermore, changes in rolling direction are avoided. All that is needed to transport paper or board rolls are electricity and compressed air.

MoveRoll Conveyors are safety engineered against power failure. If the compressed air supply should fail and MoveRoll Conveyor is mounted on level ground, the rolls stay where they are. In case they are rolling, the rolls lose power and normally stop within less than one-meter distance.



MoveRoll Kicker and Safety

The most crucial benefit gained by MoveRoll Kicker is clearly reduced energy consumption compared to traditional roll kickers and receivers. However, when we designed our patented Kicker/Receiver, we, of course, considered how it could help to increase work safety compared to traditional kickers and receivers.

That is why MoveRoll Kicker is equipped with an adjustable alarm system, that is active when the device is operating and warns paper mill staff about its moving telescopic sliding rail and incoming or outgoing rolls. The warning signal is clearly and easily noticeable. Hence, the risks of operators getting hit by paper rolls or getting crushed between the telescopic sliding rail and rolls are notably reduced.



MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver and Safety

MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver specifically tackles the problem of kinetic roll energy on sloped floors or ramps.

Traditionally, paper mills use steel stops or pneumatic stoppers, or mechanical receivers to catch rolls. Many of these devices need a lot of maintenance and/or consume a lot of energy. In addition, they are not able to absorb the kinetic energy of rolls. Consequently, rolls often bounce back and forth forcefully and are stopped by friction.

In contrast, the soft cushions of the patented Zero Energy Receiver reduce the kinetic energy averagely by more than 75 %. This reduction also lowers roll bouncing notably. Thus, the receiver improves the safety of operators working near ramps and on sloped floors or decks significantly.

Braking Pad on winder deck

MoveRoll Braking Pad and Safety

While the safety improvements achieved with MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver alone are evident, our product development efforts have not stopped there. We knew that there would be a way to reduce roll speed and the unwanted back and fore-bouncing of rolls even more.

With these questions in mind, we developed the patented MoveRoll Braking Pad. The Braking Pad uses a combination of soft material, air exhaustion, and absorption of kinetic energy. On passing over it, the speed of paper or board rolls decreases up to 0.5 m/s. In low roll speed applications, the Braking Pad can even stop rolls completely.

Reduced roll speed and decreased roll bouncing mean a significant increase in operator safety as well as the minimization of manual roll pushing. Notably, in high speed applications such as Winder Decks a combination of MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver and MoveRoll Braking Pad achieves the biggest increase in work safety.