MoveRoll Centralizing Module

IPhone 008

Height 40 mm
Width: 1380 - 2340 mm
Control voltage 24 VDC
Air supply 4 to 10 Bar


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Like all MoveRoll Conveyor modules, also the MoveRoll Centralizing Module is flat and has standard pressure elements that transport rolls in controlled fashion. Because of these properties, a Centralizing Module can easily be integrated into a conveying length of Horizontal Conveyor modules.

The Centralizing Module transports paper rolls in rolling motion and can position them in the middle of the module. Hence, a paper roll can be stopped exactly at a designated location. This makes processes such as labeling, measuring, and scaling fast, easy and safe.

Applications of MoveRoll Centralizing Module

MoveRoll Centralizing Module is suitable for various applications such as lifts, elevators, weighing stations or labeling stations etc. 

The large graphic on top of this page above illustrates one application of the Centralizing Module. Here, the Centralizing Module is situated on top of a scale weighing the paper roll.

A roll travels on the conveyor and has to be weighed at an exactly designated location. This is why the conveying length cannot exclusively consist of horizontal modules, but has to include a Centralizing Module. The module stops the roll at the defined location and holds it in place until the measurement process has ended. After that, the roll can continue its journey on the conveyor. 


Among the most important advantages of MoveRoll Centralizing Module are gentle and exact roll handling, easy and flexible installation, low energy consumption, and low maintenance requirements.

Main Benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Easy & Low maintenance
  • No mechanical parts
  • Reduces possibility of roll damages
  • Increases in occupational and equipment safety