MoveRoll Kicker


Width 1560 mm
Height 570 mm
Nom. Length 910 mm
Total Length 1100 mm
Weight: 650 kg
Control voltage 24 VDC
Air supply 4 to 10 Bar


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MoveRoll Kicker is our unique answer to problems we noticed with traditional kicking and receiving devices. Traditionally, such equipment is big, consumes much energy, and requires a lot of maintenance. In contrast, our Kicker is a compact and energy-efficient device, that can be easily maintained.

MoveRoll Kicker pushes rolls carefully onto the next conveyor; particularly onto MoveRoll conveyors. With its unique telescopic sliding rail, the device can move or receive rolls weighing up to 8 tons. In comparison with traditional kickers and depending on the application, our patented kicking innovation can reduce the energy consumption up to 75 %. Since the device is not pit mounted, installing it is easy. To increase safety, MoveRoll Kicker has an adjustable audible and visual alarm system that activates, when the device is operating.


Paper mills can install MoveRoll Kicker to replace old kicking equipment. The innovative device has a width of only 910 mm (nominal 1100 mm), but – due to its telescopic sliding rail – can expand up to 2010 mm. Due to its compact size, MoveRoll Kicker is ideal for finishing areas with limited space between chain/slat conveyor and walls. Paper mills can also install this product to function as receiver.


The most significant benefits of our innovative kicking innovation are energy efficiency, production efficiency, versatility, gentle roll handling, and increased work safety.

Main Benefits
  • Low space requirements
  • Significant energy savings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Increased work safety