Often, MoveRoll Centralizing Modules are part of conveying lengths made up of Horizontal Conveyor modules. Even so, there are places in paper mills where a Single Centralizing Unit can simplify roll handling greatly.



An example for such an application are elevators and lowerators. In finishing areas, elevators/lowerators move paper and board rolls from one level to another. With a MoveRoll Single Centralizing Unit installed, roll lowering or roll elevating processes become more efficient. Once the roll is moved onto the Single Centralizing Unit in the elevator/lowerator, the roll is safely locked in place. After the elevator/lowerator has reached the other level, MoveRoll Single Centralizing Unit drives the roll safely onto the next conveyor.

The video below illustrates this process (0:12 - 0:50).


Notable benefits of the Single Centralizing Unit are smooth and safe roll handling in confined spaces, exact roll positioning, and low energy consumption.


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