Usually, MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors consist of several modules and can transport rolls over a distance of ca. 20 m. However, there are situations, when a Single Horizontal Conveyor Unit can make roll handling easier than ever before. This is e.g. the case when rolling paper or board rolls only need to be transported over a short distance. MoveRoll Single Horizontal Conveyor Units can for example be a very useful part of the production chain, when sheeters or corrugators need to be fed.


The picture on the left illustrates a practical roll handling case. A roll moves onto the conveying length that consists of Single Horizontal Conveyor Units which are mounted next to intersecting slat conveyors. Optionally, the roll can continue its journey on the single conveyor units and hence pass over the slat. Alternatively, the roll can stop on the slat and thus move on to the sheeter.


Significant benefits of MoveRoll Single Horizontal Conveyor Units are fast and easy installation; flexibility and versatility, increased work safety; very low maintenance requirements; reduction of energy consumption; and smooth handling of rolls to prevent roll damages and paper loss.

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