Global Reach Through Partners

The collaboration with System Integrators allows us to serve our global end customers as best as possible. Our System Integrator Partners are able to see the big picture of the finishing area. They are renowned for their expertise in roll handling and material handling, and manufacture and supply a wide range of conveyors as well as other material handling products. Our System Integrator Partners include MoveRoll products in projects, whenever they recognize a need. Often, it is exactly the combination of our products and the System Integrator’s products, that makes a project successful.

Next to System Integrators, we also cooperate with Sales Partners. Our Sales Partners function as our local sales and customer service contacts. Their great paper industry expertise and well-established networks enable us to offer the best customer service possible.

Please contact us if you would like to receive the contact information of our global partners.

Our Global End Customers

Paper mills use MoveRoll roll handling equipment, whenever paper or board rolls need to be transported, kicked, received or stopped. Of course, our products also simplify roll handling in corrugating facilities, converting facilities, and printing houses. In 2018, MoveRoll products have already been on the market for ten years. In 2009, the first installation of MoveRoll conveyors has been completed in Finland. Meanwhile, you can find MoveRoll roll handling equipment in paper mills in every continent - except in Australia and Antarctica. 

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To ensure that paper mills and other end customers all around the globe can acquire and use MoveRoll roll handling equipment, we are working together with internationally located partners


The red dots in the world map illustrate country locations of mills, where MoveRoll products have been installed. The yellow dots show the locations of our global partners.