Roll handling equipment

Our innovative roll handling equipment falls into the categories of roll transport and kicking, receiving, slowing down and stopping rolls. MoveRoll stands for gentle and controlled transport of paper and board rolls. Our innovative MoveRoll Conveyors make roll handling in paper mills easier and more efficient than ever before. In the second category, MoveRoll Kicker, Zero Energy Receiver, and Braking Pad prove how easy and safe the handling of paper and board rolls can be with innovative roll handling equipment.

Roll Transport

Our first category of roll handling equipment includes pressure conveyors and pressure conveyor modules.

MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor is an easy solution to transport paper rolls. The conveyor is flat (40 mm) and has a modular built. The modules are available in different lengths, starting at approximately 2.5 m. The compact size of the conveyor modules makes installation processes fast and easy. Read more


Usually, MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors consist of several modules. However, there are situations, when a Single Horizontal Conveyor Unit can make roll handling easier than ever before. Read more


MoveRoll Winder Deck Conveyors are horizontal conveyor modules, that we have specifically modified for winder deck applications. Our Winder Deck Conveyors are the ideal choice for transporting rolls safely and gently after they have been ejected by a winder. Read more


MoveRoll Ramp Conveyor transports rolls smoothly uphill on inclines of up to 10 mm/m and downhill on declines of up to 30 mm/m. Read more


MoveRoll Centralizing Module transports rolling paper rolls and can position them in the middle of the module. Hence, a paper roll can be stopped exactly at a designated location. Read more


Sometimes, all it takes is a Single Centralizing Unit to simplify roll handling in paper mills greatly. Read more


MoveRoll Turntable Module makes turning paper and board rolls with turntables and other turning units easy and flexible. Read more


Kicking, Receiving, Slowing Down and Stopping Rolls

The second category of roll handling equipment we offer, consists of products, that do not transport rolls but initiate their movement, reduce their speed, stop them or receive them.


MoveRoll Kicker is ideal for finishing areas with limited space between chain/slat conveyor and the wall. The compact and powerful kicker/receiver comes with an adjustable alarm system that activates when the device is operating. Read more


MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver does not need any energy sources to absorb the kinetic energy of paper or board rolls. Thus, many problems that are common with traditional roll receivers are easily solved. Read more


MoveRoll Braking Pad is an innovative roll speed reducing solution. The Pad can reduce roll speed, stop rolls completely or minimize roll bouncing. Unique design and soft materials ensure gentle contact with the roll and no damages are incurred on the roll. Read more




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