MoveRoll Horizontal Paper Roll Conveyor

MoveRoll Horizontaler Rollenförderer

Width 1380 mm - 2340 mm
Height 40 mm
Length 2450 mm - 3350 mm
Total Length 1500 mm - 20 000 mm
Roll weight: 300 - 8000 kg
Control voltage 24 VDC
Air supply 4 to 6 Bar

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MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor is an easy solution to transport paper rolls. Notably, the paper roll conveyor is flat (40 mm) and has a modular built. Therefore, mounting the modules is fast and easy. The modules are available in different lengths, starting at approximately 2.5 m.

The paper roll conveyor modules use standard pressure elements to transport rolls gently and safely in rolling motion. During the whole transport process, the pressure elements control the motion and speed of the rolls. Since the conveyor modules do not have mechanical parts, the maintenance requirements are very low. The conveying process does not require receivers. In addition, kickers are only needed for getting rolls onto the conveyor, not for generating roll speed. Read more about other roll handling equipment »

The Superior Choice for Safe Roll Transport

Our innovative paper roll conveyor is the superior choice, whenever rolls need to be transported from point A to point B. Each pressure element can carry a weight of approximately 500 kg. Thus, the conveyor can easily move heavy paper and cardboard rolls. MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor can transport rolls over a distance of up to approximately 20 m. Automatically, each module serves as buffering place for one roll. The maximum roll speed that can be achieved with it is 1 m/s. Our roll conveyor can accelerate, slow down or stop rolls.


Examples for applications where paper mills use MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor modules are winder areas, packaging lines or storage areas. Of course, they are also useful for transporting paper or board rolls in rolling motion in corrugating facilities, converting facilities, and printing houses.


Significant benefits of our horizontal paper roll conveyor are fast and easy installation; increased work safety; very low maintenance requirements; reduction of energy consumption; and smooth handling of rolls to prevent roll damages and paper loss.

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