Roll Transport with MoveRoll Winder Deck

MoveRoll Winder Deck Transport
Width: Tailored to winder width mm Height 40 mm Length 2450 mm - 3350 mm Total Length 1500 mm - 10 000 mm Roll weight: 300 - 8000 kg Control voltage 24 VDC Air supply 4 to 6 Bar

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MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor modules, especially modified for roll transport on winder decks, are the ideal choice for conveying rolls safely and gently after they have been ejected by a winder. We have developed this roll handling innovation, because we often witnessed the various problems caused by moving rolls on sloped decks – particularly, when the roll speed is high.

Problems of Traditional Roll Transport
on Winder Decks

Traditionally, the decks behind winders are sloped. After a winder ejects a roll set, the rolls accelerate and usually hit against steel stops or pneumatic roll transport stoppers. After impact on these stops, the rolls bounce back and forth heavily. This means too much ergonomically unfriendly and potentially unsafe manual work for the operators. Moreover, the hard impact on metal stops may cause damage to paper and other equipment in the finishing area. Consequently, many traditional winder decks constitute a very dangerous environment – for paper mill staff, paper or board rolls and equipment in finishing areas.

The Ideal Choice for Safe Roll Handling on Winder Decks

Winder Deck consists of MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors that have been especially modified for the winder deck application. After ejection from the winder, pressure elements guarantee controlled roll transport. That way, unexpected changes in rolling direction are avoided, the roll speed is controlled, and collisions with steel stops or pneumatic stoppers are eliminated. The concrete length and width of a winder deck with MoveRoll Conveyors always depends on winder width and the paper mills specific roll transport needs. An example for an adjustment, that can be made, is the incorporation of several roll stop sections.

For even safer handling of paper and board rolls on sloped decks, combining MoveRoll Winder Deck Conveyors with MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver and/or MoveRoll Braking Pad is most often a feasible option.

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The most significant benefits of MoveRoll Winder Deck Conveyors are clearly improved work safety, low maintenance requirements, gentle roll transport, and the elimination of damages.