Innovative Roll Handling Equipment

MoveRoll roll handling products are unique and innovative. They can easily be integrated into roll handling systems and offer a simple and innovative way to gently convey or receive paper rolls. The major benefits of our conveyors, kickers, receivers and braking pads are increased safety, energy savings, easy installation and maintenance, ease of use, and product reliability.

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Horizontal Conveyor

MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor is an easy solution to transport paper rolls. The conveyor is flat (40 mm) and has a modular built.

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Winder Deck

MoveRoll Winder Deck consists of MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors that have been especially modified for the winder deck application.

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Centralizing Module

MoveRoll Centralizing Module is designed and engineered to transport paper rolls horizontally and possition them at centre of the module. 

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Turntable Module

MoveRoll Turntable Module is designed to be used on top of turning units. The turntable module makes turning paper and board rolls easy and flexible.

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Braking Pad

MoveRoll Braking Pad is an innovative roll speed reducing solution. The Pad can reduce roll speed, stop rolls completely or minimize roll bouncing.

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Moveroll kicker receiver

Kicker / Receiver

MoveRoll Kicker is ideal for finishing areas with limited space between chain/slat conveyor and the wall.

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Zero Energy Receiver

MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver does not need any energy sources to absorb the kinetic energy of paper or board rolls.

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Ramp Conveyor

MoveRoll Ramp Conveyor transports rolls smoothly uphill on inclines of up to 10 mm/m and downhill on declines of up to 30 mm/m.

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