MoveRoll Turntable Module

Turntable module

Height: 40 mm
Weight: n/a kg
Control voltage: 24 VDC
Air supply: 4 to 10 Bar


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We have developed a conveyor module that is especially meant for roll turning applications. During the turning process, MoveRoll Turntable Module centralizes a roll on the turntable and drives it onto the next conveyor.

Due to the smart design, the module is compatible with a broad range of turning units. The installation of a Turntable Module on a turning unit reduces the amount of mechanical parts. For example, the process does not require kickers or receivers. Depending on the turning unit, the module enables roll transport into more than one direction.

Working Principle

The working principle is very simple: Once a roll has moved onto the pressure elements of the Turntable Module, the pressure elements safely lock the roll on the module’s center. The roll does not move until the turning process is complete. Thereafter, the pressure elements unlock the roll and its journey continues – initiated by the compressed air in the pressure elements.


The unique and innovative technology used to lock and convey paper rolls makes the roll delivery easy, fast, and flexible

Main Benefits
  • Easy to install on top of any turning unit
  • Easy & Low maintenance
  • No mechanical parts
  • Reduces possibility of roll damages
  • Increases in occupational safety and equipment safety