MoveRoll Braking Pad


Height 52 mm
Length: 1500 mm - 6000 mm
Width:250 mm
Weight: 2Kg/m

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MoveRoll Braking Pad is an innovative roll speed reducing solution. The Pad reduces roll speed up to 0,5m/s or can – under certain circumstances – even stop rolls completely. Reduced roll speed means minimal roll bouncing and significantly shorter settling times. Unique design and soft special materials ensure gentle contact with the roll and no damages are incurred on the roll.

An Easy Way to Increase Occupational and Roll Safety

MoveRoll Braking Pad is feasible for various roll handling applications. For example, paper mills can place Braking Pads in front of slat or chain conveyors to slow down roll speed and reduce roll settling time. Similarly, Braking Pads are useful on different sections of ramps to slow down roll speed before the rolls impact on stoppers. In situations, where the roll speed is high – e.g. on winder decks, the pads are most effective in two separate rows; for example, in front and behind separation stoppers. For the convenience of our customers and end customers, MoveRoll Braking Pads are available in different lengths. To meet the different needs in paper mills, the Braking Pads are available with or without magnet. The magnetic option is suitable for metallic surfaces, the non-magnetic version suits all other surfaces. 



The most significant benefits of MoveRoll Braking Pad are increased occupational safety through reduced roll speed and minimized roll bouncing; preservation of roll quality through gentle speed reduction; and prevention of equipment damages.

Main Benefits
  • Easy to install or remove

  • Prevention of equipment damages
  • Reduces kinetic energy of rolls
  • Reduces possibility of roll damages
  • Increases in occupational safety and equipment safety