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Season's Greetings

To all our best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday season and a successful and prosperous New Year 2016!

MoveRoll Braking Pad - Our Newest Product

Innovation in paper roll handling is MoveRoll's core business. The latest MoveRoll product is called Braking Pad.  Whether after the winder or on other rolling decks, before and behind conveyors – MoveRoll Braking Pad can slow down the speed of rolls or stop them completely.

Working Together with Partners Is a Recipe for Success

We are working together with a number of system integrator partners. One of them is Globe Machine Manufacturing Company (GLOBE) from Tacomah in Washington, USA. In the next paragraphs we will take a look at two GLOBE-MoveRoll projects to illustrate how beneficial it can be for paper mills, when system integrators and roll handling equipment suppliers are working together in roll handling projects.

Latest MoveRoll Delivery

Recently, system integrator Globe Machine Manufacturing Company (GLOBE) won an order for a roll handling system to a major publications and communications paper manufacturer in Southeast USA.
GLOBE integrates two MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyors and one Zero Energy Receiver to the roll handling system.

Winder Deck Start-Up Successfully Completed

In May 2015, MoveRoll Oy has successfully completed a new winder deck startup in a Southern USA paper mill. This installation was made by our North American System Integrator partner Advanced Dynamics.

PaperCon 2015 - A Successful Exhibition for MoveRoll

PaperCon 2015 was another successful exhibition in which MoveRoll participated together with its North American partners. MoveRoll attended PaperCon 2015 on two different stands which were situated in the first and second floor of the exhibition hall.

How Does MoveRoll Conveyor Move a Paper Roll?

MoveRoll Conveyor uses pressure elements to convey paper and board rolls and to control the movement of rolls. When a paper roll moves onto the conveyor, the roll weight seals the pressure elements. In order to drive the roll, controlled air pressure (only 3 bar) is released from the back of the roll towards the driving direction. The supplied air is controlled by control valves which are integrated in MoveRoll Conveyor.

New and Updated MoveRoll Datasheets available

We have updated our MoveRoll datasheets. The new changes include updated figures and information, more technical details and a completely new refreshed design.

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