Our Aims and Vision

We know how paper rolls are handled, and we are aware of the many problems that occur in traditional roll handling. For example, handling rolling paper rolls with traditional mechanical equipment may easily cause damage to the rolls; uncontrolled movement of paper rolls on ramps is a significant safety risk; and manual handling of heavy loads can lead to muscle and back injuries. Therefore, our aim is to revolutionize roll handling.

Innovative Products Revolutionize Roll Handling

One of our important main goals has always been to analyze these problem situations in order to develop innovative products that would revolutionize the roll handling industry. We always have open ears for the needs of system integrators, roll handling project managers, and stakeholders on-site in paper mills, corrugating and converting facilities, and printing houses. Thus, we are able to fulfill the demands of these target groups to their best satisfaction.

Our Aims

Increased safety in paper roll handling is of utmost importance for MoveRoll. When we are developing new products, one of our first questions is always how a new product can best improve roll handling operator safety.

We always strive for efficiency. This includes always aiming for cost-efficiency when we are planning, developing and testing new products; aiming for time efficiency in installation and maintenance of MoveRoll products; and aiming to increase production efficiency through MoveRoll products.

Making paper roll handling easier is another important aim for MoveRoll. Our goal of ease and easiness in roll handling has multiple facets. We want that collaboration with MoveRoll in projects is easy; we are open for questions and requests and always aim to answer fast; when we are developing new products we always aim to construct them so that they can be both installed and used with ease; finally, we aim for all our products to be maintained with ease.

We want to be a reliable partner in projects and always keep promised delivery times etc.; want to supply reliable products with little need for maintenance over the course of time; want to develop and supply products of constantly high quality; and want to make sure that spare parts for all MoveRoll products will be available for a long time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a globally recognized brand and a pioneer supplier of new innovative paper roll handling equipment. In order to reach this vision, we will continue to invest in new technology and product development. Furthermore, we will continue to expand our partner network to make MoveRoll products globally available.